Not a short story

For Valentine’s Day, my husband suggested that we do an art project together. We’d been wanting to do a shadow box together for awhile, and we’d bought materials for ten dollars at Michael’s. We were inspired by this guy: who actually sells kits to create art like his.

First, we started with a plain shadow box. We made two straight grooves in the bottom and two matching straight grooves in the top. It’s important that the grooves line up. Then we spray painted the box black.

Then, we used an exacto knife to slice sheets of hard plastic into little strips.  Then, we painted the strips. We used my husband’s Warhammer paints. Of course.

Once everything was dry, we put it all together!

The pieces are movable, and we have two extras so we can pop them in and out to change up the look.

Hooray Valentine’s Day!


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